"In the past two years Ben has helped me make a quantum leap in my business. I am earning more, working with more clients, and my future looks brighter than ever."
- Pete Greider, Business Coach Read More

"I am in awe of the growth of my business in so short a time. Ben's timing and intuitive abilities have been extremely valuable. I went from being an individual practitioner to having several people working for me. I can hardly believe it!"
- Barbara Nyul, Massage Therapist Read More

"Ben helped me to see what I really wanted from my business. He then helped me to make the necessary changes.... Ben has a gift to see problems within an organization and the ability to quickly come up with viable solutions."
- Jon White Read More

"My business was in transition and I felt confused about what direction to take. In only six consultations, Ben helped me recognize, evaluate, and choose from the possibilities open to me. I'm seeing many more clients and feeling much clearer about how to achieve my goals."
- Shaye Moore, Massage Therapist Read More

"My experience with Ben, as my business and personal coach, has been extraordinary. I never would have believed I could be where I am in just one year. That I would be able to leave my 9-5 job, do what I love and be so successful. If he could do it for a musician he could do it for anybody."
- Alan Tauber, Drum Teacher Read More

"Ben Benjamin has helped me enormously in my mission to help people trapped in destructive cults. He is wise, insightful, and is able to focus in on what needs to change, in order for healthy growth to take place. I don't give endorsements easily, but I was so impressed with his business coaching... this man is very special."
- Steve Hassan, Best Selling Author of Releasing the Bonds Read More

"Ben has become a silent partner in my business which has allowed me to grow my business and accomplish goals that I didn't even realize were possible."
- Vincent P. Cloutier, Business Owner Read More


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