"Ben helped me believe in myself enough to make changes. Lots of things come up in this world that make you feel like quitting or not going for your dreams. We often allow ourselves to be simply 'satisfied' with the way things are. I didn't want to accept that. I wanted to make some changes and, to be honest, I had no idea what was possible. Soon, with Ben's support and coaching skills, I left my 9-5 job at Harvard, am successful now and know that there are many roads yet to travel and acomplishments yet to be fulfilled.

"Today, I have my own company employing seven people. Ben was there to help me see what was best to do. I was able to set up a music teaching business and Ben was incredibly supportive. I can't put a price on what it was worth as I've never experienced this kind of expertise and support in a package like this. At first he had most of the ideas, later, I was able to see more clearly in both business and personal situations and had my own ideas; we work together now, as a team, to make my life my dream.

"Ben approaches changes with an open mind and bends with the demands of the situation. I work with Ben regularly every week and we also communicate back and forth on email, until I am satisfied and comfortable with the new shape of things. I made big changes in my life and work - hard ones. I continue to see my life become more rewarding every day.

"Ben has never given up on me. He is incredibly supportive and when you need ideas he supplies them to you. Then he eases you into working out your own ideas without his help.

"I am a very low-key person. Ben worked with me at my pace not his. I really WANTED to make a big change in my life however and he helped me accomplish that goal.

"I gained a lot from the experience and made all the costs back and more. My income has increased very significantly. I know he can help people set up a very profitable business and a healthy life-style fairly quickly but I am going to stay on a few more years.

-Alan Tauber
Musician and Teacher

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