January 28, 1999

"I met Ben Benjamin about three months ago when I went to his office to discuss his coaching services. At our first meeting Ben asked me a bunch of specific qestions relating to how I run my business and quickly concluded that I was doing the job of four people and packing it into one fifty hour work week. No wonder I was feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out.

"Ben suggested that I try his coaching services to help me work less, relax more, and make more money. I was very skeptical. I felt I knew my business pretty well, I had a college degree in business and considered myself to be pretty savvy. I felt my company would not be able to afford the cost of hiring additional people so that I could work less. I was in a very tight cash flow position at the time and I was scared to make any further investments in additional staff not to mention Ben's fee.

"The fact is, I had to do something. The way I was running things was not working anymore. The business was starting to ruin me. I checked several of Ben's references and decided to take a chance and hire him. Looking back, it is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

"Ben helped me to see what I really wanted from my business. He then helped me to make the necessary changes within my organization to make my job a lot less stressful and free up a lot of my time. As everyone knows, change is not alwasy easy. Having Ben as a coach has really given me the courage to do what I had to do. Ben has a gift to see problems within an organization and the ability to quickly come up with viable solutions.

"I have seen such an improvement in my business since I have been working with Ben, that I am now having Ben work with some of my employees. I can easily justify Ben's fee as I know it will pay great dividends.

"It is easy for me to now look back and say I made a great decision to hire Ben as my coach. As Ben has promised, I am working less (about 30% less hours), I am under much less pressure, my business has increased due largely in part to his input and suggestions and I now own a company that I can leave for days or weeks at a time and have everything run smoothly. I am very pleased.

-Jon White
Classic Furniture Services

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