January 28, 1997

"Having a clear vision and working towards my desired goals has been a fulfilling experience since I began with Ben as my coach. Through his expertise I have been able to apply many of his ideas to generate new business as well as approach those I would have disregarded. I've gained increased sales and contacts and knowledge. I know I have more ground to cover to understand the business part of the massage therapy world. With his continued guidance I am less reluctant to venture up this road and do those things that set my business apart from the rest.

"I am able to take Ben's ideas and even though I may feel uncomfortable speaking with those in the medical profession I do it anyway. That, Ben says, is courage, so I also learned something about myself.

"I am in awe of the growth of my business in so short a time. Ben's timing and intuitive abilities have been extremely valuable. I went from being an individual practitioner to having several people working for me. I can hardly believe it!

-Barbara Nyul
Massage Therapist

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