July 30, 1998

"I recommend Ben Benjamin as a business coach with no hesitation whatsoever. In the past two years, he has helped me make a quantum leap in my business. My fees are higher, I'm working with better clients, and my future looks brighter than ever.

"Our coaching sessions always feel organized and purposeful. He knows how to draw out the best in me and answers my questions clearly. If an action idea feels too big, he helps me break it down into manageable parts that will work in my particular situation.

"Ben has excellent business judgment. He understands the world of an entrepreneur, because he is an entrepreneur himself. In one instance he gave me critical feedback about a demo video that has been extremely effective as a marketing tool ever since. Again, his instincts were right on the mark.

"I would recommend Ben as a business coach and consultant to individuals and companies in any type of business who are serious about progressing to the next level. I can't imagine that his work couldn't help them tremendously.

-Peter C. Greider, M.Ed.
Sports Psychology Consultant

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