January 28, 1997

"Because my family and I moved to a new town a year after I graduated from massage therapy school, my business was in transition and I felt confused about what direction to take. Up to that point I had developed only a very small practice in a location I rented one day a week. That location was now a 45-minute drive away; nevertheless, I hesitated to give it up. Do I put my energies into growing that practice, or start over again in the new town, or try to do both?

"At this point Ben began working with me in coaching sessions. I was able to share with him my multiple lines of thinking, and he was able to focus those into specific and achievable tasks week by week. Then, serendipity blossomed, and a host of opportunities presented themselves in my new town. It could have been an overwhelming situation if I'd been on my own, but in only six consultations, Ben helped me recognize, evaluate, and choose from the possibilities open to me.

"The results have been a new subcontracting position and a full-time private office of my own - achievements I'd thought were a year or more in the future. I'm seeing many more clients and feeling much clearer about how to achieve my goals. Coaching provided the focus I needed to move ahead with my business during this time.

-Shaye Moore
Massage Therapist

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