"The first thing Ben did as my coach was help me focus and clarify my priorities. When I came to see Ben I was under a high level of stress and confused about how to deal with the many dimensions of my work as an author, therapist and activist. I was doing too much and I was spread too thin trying to start a nonprofit organization, market my last book and manage a number of other projects simultaneously. Most of my efforts went into trying to market the book and they were not effective. My income was down; it was at this point I started my coaching sessions with Ben.

"With Ben's guidance and support I decided to put off several projects and concentrate my energy on my work with clients. The results were dramatic. My stress level dropped and my cash flow increased. As we continued in the process, Ben advised me to replace an employee with someone more appropriate for the job and he's leading me in the direction of planning to find someone to expand my company. Now he's working with me to take more time off and to find more balance in both my work and my personal life.

"As my coach he is encouraging and supportive. I think Ben's great. He's very sincere and knowledgeable and he's walked the walk so it's easy to follow his advice because he's been there. My coaching sessions with Ben have significantly changed my work life for the better.

-Steve Hassan, Best Selling Author of Releasing the Bonds

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