One primary aim of coaching is to provide specific, concrete ways to support and advise you to achieve success and better balance in your work and in your life. Coaching, usually done by telephone, helps you to identify what, why, how and when to address your needs. The most critical task in accomplishing all this is the ability to Follow Through.

Some people enjoy what they do and are able to choose the right strategies and take action to achieve their goals. Others find it easy to follow through on some strategies but not on others. But the majority of people never complete a fraction of what they are capable of even though they would like to accomplish something more in their personal or professional lives.

Personally, I fall somewhere in that middle category. If I am excited about something I make a strong commitment and follow through without difficulty. But there are aspects of my life and goals where I've felt resistance to doing what I knew, in my head and heart, I needed to do. I've been stuck from time to time and have needed a push to get me started in the right direction and keep me going. Where I've been lucky in life is in finding the right coaches who gave me the push, support, guidance and encouragement I needed at those times.

These people have all had three things in common: they really listened to me, told me the truth and kept me accountable.

I consider it a privilege to bring that same kind of quality coaching to other people when they need it. If you are ready to accomplish more toward your work, health, or personal goals, WorkLife Coaching may be for you.

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