If you are a self-motivated, independent, and very disciplined person who follows through on most things you plan, you don't need someone like me. If you need help following through, don't have someone savvy to talk to regularly, or don't know how to effectively delegate, a coach can assist in bringing balance to your life, your business and your health.

As a professional coach, I can help you to follow through in the areas of business, health, exercise, and life.

My personal criteria for taking on a coaching client is that the individual:
- makes a serious commitment to the coaching process
- can tolerate some ambiguity as the process progresses
- is willing to accept honest feedback
- is able to admit mistakes
- has a sense of humor
- is coachable

My coaching programs range from a few sessions, to a few months, to a year-long commitment, depending on the goals of the client.

For more information or to set up an initial phone consultation, call 617-576-0777.


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